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The Organiser of Green Event Alliance (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, HKQAA) has adopted a Personal Data (Privacy) Policy. You may view the Privacy Policy Statement of HKQAA at . You have the right to request access to, and amend your personal data in relation to your application. If you wish to exercise these rights, please send email to:


  1. I hereby declare that the information given above is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and agree that all decisions made by the Organiser (HKQAA) are final and binding in all aspects relating to the Green Event Alliance.
  2. I agree that personal data (including name, phone number, correspondence address and email address) provided by me will be used for the purpose of the administration, evaluation and management of my application. I understand if I cannot provide the relevant personal data, the assessment of my application by the Organisers may be affected.
  3. I agree the following terms regarding the “e-Green Voucher Scheme” and the “Hong Kong Outstanding Green Event Award”:
    • Any events received/ will receive any financial support from other funding source(s) would not be subsidized under e-Green Voucher Scheme.
    • The vouchers will only be issued to the Green Event Facilitators listed on the Platform and selected by the Green Event Organiser after completion of entire quotation process via Platform.
    • Green Event Organiser is eligible to have not more than 3 events to be supported/ subsidised.
    • Green Event Organiser can only have two event applications at one time; the new application will only be approved after one of the events has completed the e-Green Voucher Scheme procedure;
    • No advance of voucher amount which is yet to be issued is allowed, and it cannot be transferred to or shared with others.
    • The unspent voucher amount cannot be carried forward and accumulated by the applicant.
    • Green Event Organiser shall use the standardised promotional materials in the event according to the items selected in the “e-Green Voucher Scheme”.
    • HKQAA reserves the rights to cancel, in part or in whole, postpone or bring forward the Green Event Award Presentation Ceremony for any reason and is not obliged to reimburse the participants for any expenses related to such cancellation. HKQAA reserves the right to change the rules and other arrangements of the event without prior notice.
    • HKQAA reserves the right of final interpretation and revision of the “e-Green Voucher Scheme” and the “Hong Kong Outstanding Green Event Award”. In case of disputes and appeals, HKQAA reserves the right to make final decision.
  4. HKQAA reserves the rights to interpret and amend the details of the terms and conditions.

The Organiser (HKQAA) intends to use the personal data (including your name, phone number, correspondence address and email address) that you have provided to promote the latest development, consultancy services, events and training courses of HKQAA. Should you find such use of your personal data not acceptable, please indicate your objection by ticking the box below.